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Questions/comments/concerns may be directed to Rick at 860-290-9424 or rbrown@cahcf.org.

Thank you for participating.

CT DSS LTSS Intake Dept Case Escalation Tool

  • Escalation Tool (03/2017) for L99 use ONLY; SEE 04/10 Alert below
  • 04/10 – Alert MVB to Members re Nursing Home Action Plan for April, May and June 2017 to Address DSS Backlog During Transition from EMS to ImpaCT

Medicaid Collaborative Pilot Effort to Help Resolve Pending Medicaid Cases

Medicaid Eligibility Excessive Delays Capture Sheet

For ALL Medicaid eligibility excessive delays regardless of length of time outstanding. We want to know. Please complete the spreadsheet above and return the spreadsheet to Rick by email (rbrown@cahcf.org). We need these as an Excel spreadsheet! Send as an e-mail attachment!!!

We should be able to assist.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation Problem Identification and Resolution Capture Form

You MUST follow the directions for completing this spreadsheet EXACTLY.


  • Please identify any incidences your nursing facility experiences during this time period on the spreadsheet and submit to the following DSS address: srinivas.bangalore@ct.gov.
  • You must submit this information, which must include client ID and name, directly to DSS and no one else, in order to be compliant with HIPAA rules.
  • You should send a second spreadsheet to Matt Barratt at mbarrett@cahcf.org that DELETES client name and ID so that CAHCF is not in possession of protected health information.
  • Please submit as an Excel spreadsheet attached to your e-mails.

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