Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CCAL) Resources

Direct link to the NCAL website!

11/14/2018 – Presentation – National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CCAL): Who We Are; What We Can Do For You

NCAL’s 2018 Assisted Living State Regulatory Review; make sure to reference the report on Connecticut!

08/13/2018 – ResearchReport – OLR Backgrounder: Medicaid Eligibility

07/09/2018 – ResearchReport – Minimum Nurse Staffing Requirements for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Announcement Letter – Chairman Lawrence G. Santilli Announces a New Focus on Assisted Living as CAHCF Establishes a Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CCAL)

Link to the National Center for Assisted Living; our parent organization; a wealth of information on this site!

Title 19 – Public Health and Safety – Department of Public Health
Sec. 19-13-D105  Assisted living services agency Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

Public Act 04-158, An Act Concerning Services provided by the Long Term Care Ombudsman in Managed Residential Communities

Know Your Rights As A Resident  Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program