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PDPM Is Live – Resources for Members & How You Can Shape PDPM Implementation

On October 1, 2019 the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) became the Medicare Part A fee-for-service payment system for Skilled Nursing Facilities.  PDPM replaced the Resource Utilization Group IV (RUG IV) payment system in its entirety with no transition period.

How You Can Help Shape PDPM Implementation – Your Input Matters!

To support the Connecticut Health Care Association’s (CAHCF/CCAL) and American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) PDPM resource development for members and to inform AHCA advocacy with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we need your help.  By completing the short PDPM Member Experience Survey each week, you can provide AHCA valuable, real-time information. This will help AHCA address your needs through member education, resources, and advocacy with CMS on regional or national issues.  To complete the survey, click on the button below!

PDPM Transition and Implementation Experience Form

AHCA Member PDPM Support

To aid members with their specific PDPM questions, AHCA offers an array of Association developed resources and tools as well as direct links to CMS information.  To aid members with locating these resources, you may contact an AHCA PDPM Resource Navigator.

The PDPM Resource Navigators are staff trained specifically to help you find existing AHCA resources and guidance as well as CMS resources and guidance.  If you have a technical question, the PDPM Resource Navigators will record your information and question(s), and submit the question(s) to in-house PDPM technical experts.

The PDPM Resource Navigators can be reached by email or phone.

  • Email: pdpm@ahca.org
  • Phone: (202)-842-4444 (Ask to speak with an AHCA PDPM Resource Navigator)

AHCA is committed to timely responses to members in need of assistance. The email inbox, pdpm@ahca.org, is monitored daily and the phone line is staffed 8AM – 6PM (EST) Monday — Friday.  Members will receive a same day response to questions and requests.  If the question requires technical research or clarification from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the PDPM Resource Navigator response will indicate additional research is needed to answer the question and provide a projected response date.  To explore AHCA’s PDPM Resource webpage, click here.

PDPM Academy 2020

In preparation for PDPM implementation, AHCA launched the 2019 PDPM Academy. The 2019 PDPM Academy offered access to an array of PDPM experts who traveled the country delivering in-state PDPM workshops, monthly PDPM webinars, and tools and resources for Academy members.

In order to continue providing up-to-date information and resources as CMS implements changes to PDPM, AHCA will be offering the 2020 PDPM Academy. The 2020 PDPM Academy will provide tools and resources to help members of the Academy navigate challenges, incorporate changes, and successfully operate under PDPM. Resources members of the PDPM Academy will have access to include:

  • Virtual training modules on CMS updates to PDPM
  • Monthly PDPM webinars;
  • PDPM tools and resources; and
  • Succinct AHCA analyses of CMS’s technical changes and updates to PDPM and easy to use check lists to incorporate changes.

To pre-register for the 2020 PDPM Academy, or for additional information, please contact the PDPM Resource Navigators be emailing pdpm@ahca.org or calling (202) 842-4444.