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“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

12/30 – Staffing levels, culture challenge quality of nursing home care – CT MIRROR

12/28 – Tough year for Veyo, state’s multi-million dollar Medicaid transportation broker – HARTFORD COURANT

12/17 – CMS strengthening oversight of nursing home staffing levels – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

12/13 – West Hartford hospital hopes to serve growing number of senior psychiatric patients – HARTFORD COURANT

12/12 – Staffing Levels, Culture Change Quality Of Nursing Home Care – CONNECTICUT HEALTH INVESTIGATIVE TEAM

12/05 – Nursing Homes Penalized For High Hospital Readmissions – CONNECTICUT HEALTH INVESTIGATIVE TEAM

08/06 – No flaws seen in home’s closing – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

08/04 – No voice for the voiceless: Blair Manor residents, guardians not informed of right to be heard – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

07/18 – Complaints Stream In Against Embattled Broker of Medical Rides; Patients Stranded, Rides Misses – HARTFORD COURANT

07/06 – Most nursing homes overstated staffing for years – NEW YORK TIMES

07/05 – Nursing home operator pioneering fresh approach to opioid recovery – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

06/20 – Medicaid transportation firm fined for long wait time for pick ups – CT MIRROR

05/23 – Bumps In The Road For Medical Transportation Continue – CT NEWS JUNKIE

03/26 – Billed as a cheaper senior-care option, ‘granny pods’ see sluggish CT rollout – HARTFORD

02/17 – Editorial: It’s a scary time for seniors in nursing homes – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

02/12 – Officials Say Medical Transport Company Data Doesn’t Match Experience – CT NEWS JUNKIE

02/09 – Call-wait times for medical transport better but complaints persist – CT MIRROR

02/05 – US: Nursing Homes Misuse Drugs to Control Residents – HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

02/03 – U.S. Pays Billions for ‘Assisted Living,’ but What Does It Get? – NY TIMES

01/31 – Legislature overrides Malloy veto, delaying a budget cut – CT MIRROR

01/25 – Consumers Still Unhappy With Medical Transportation Contractor – CT NEWS JUNKIE

01/24 – Panel annoyed by inability to question Medicaid transport firm – CT MIRROR

01/16 – Patients share concerns about new medical transportation services – WFSB

01/15 – Rough First 2 Weeks For State’s New, $ 140M Medicaid Transportation Vendor – CT NEWS JUNKIE

01/12 – CT patients speak out about state medical transportation – WFSB

01/12 – New transportation contractor for Medicaid patients off to rocky start – CT MIRROR

01/12 – New Contractor For Medicaid Patients Swamped With Complaints – HARTFORD COURANT