Current News and Press Releases


05/24 – COVID-19 Cases in Connecticut Nursing Homes are Rising – NBC CONNECTICUT

05/20 – “‘Your lives intersect with our'”: COVID on the rise again in nursing homes – CT MIRROR

04/26 – Study Shows Union Nursing Homes Had Lower Rates of COVID-19 – CT MIRROR Link to Study

04/19 – Major Connecticut hospitals, nursing homes to continue requiring masks despite end of state mandate – HARTFORD COURANT

04/13 – Union warns five nursing homes of plans to strike on April 22 – CT MIRROR

04/05 – Officials won’t mandate second booster shoot for nursing home staff – MCKNIGHTS

04/01 – CT doesn’t expect to mandate 2nd COVID booster shots – CT MIRROR

03/14 – Background check bill raises red flags for advocates as overly broad – MCKNIGHTS SENIOR LIVING

03/11 – Bill requiring nursing homes to spend more on direct care won’t advance – CT MIRROR

01/22 – With omicron, staffing crisis in nursing homes worsens – THE DAY

01/19 – Lamont orders nursing home visitors to be vaccinated or tested for COVID – CT MIRROR

01/11 – Press Release – Matthew Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut re DPH Guidance on Hospital Discharges to Nursing Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

01/06 – Press Release – Governor Lamont Signs Orders Requiring All Long-Term Care Facility and State Hospital Employees To Receive COVID-19 Boosters – Office of the Governor

01/06 – CT asks nursing homes to accept COVID-positive admissions from hospitals – CT MIRROR


12/28 – Best of 2021: ‘There’s still work to be done:’ Higher staffing target in nursing homes remains elusive – CT MIRROR

12/23 – With COVID cases increasing again in nursing homes, officials mull mandates – CT MIRROR

12/08 – Hundreds of nursing home deaths might have been prevented with more COVID shots, study finds – BOSTON GLOBE

12/02 – Two-thirds of nursing home residents have received COVID boosters – CT MIRROR

11/24 – Turning Point: CT nursing homes battling COVID-19 but hopeful of changes – FOX61

11/23 – Nursing homes fined nearly $1 million over state vaccination rules – MCKNIGHTS

11/16 – Should nursing homes be told how to spend public funds?  Some say yes – CT MIRROR

11/03 – $15 million in fines facing providers who don’t comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandate – MCKNIGHTS

11/01 – Letter to State CT Attorney General William Tong from Matthew Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut re Staffing Agencies Pricing Practices  – LETTER

10/28 – Deadly Delta variant outbreak impacts residents, staff at Canaan nursing home – FOX61

10/28 – State fines long-term care facilities for not reporting vaccination rates – CT MIRROR

10/14 – A week after staff vaccination deadline, about half of CT nursing homes had rates under 96% – CT MIRROR

09/28 – State investigation how many long-term care workers sought COVID vaccine exemptions from embattled doctor – CT MIRROR

09/10 – Lamont might have only 3 days to enforce nursing home vaccination rule – CT MIRROR

09/03 – As deadline approaches for nursing home workers to get vaccinated, the state still has no mandate for home care staff – CT MIRROR

08/19 – Pandemic, labor shortages have left long-term care facilities competing for staff – ABC NEWS

08/16 – Nursing home union to request 30-day delay in fines for facilities with unvaccinated workers – HARTFORD COURANT

08/13 – Nursing Homes Face Further Labor Squeeze With Mandated Vaccination – CT EXAMINER

08/09 – One worker’s refusal highlights nursing home vaccine standoff – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

08/08 – Long-Term Care Staff Will Need to Get Vaccinated by Sept 7 – WE-HA.COM

08/06 – Lamont requires all CT nursing home workers to get vaccinated – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

08/06 – Lamont orders long-term care facilities to get workers vaccinated or face fines – CT MIRROR

08/04 – COVID-19 vaccination to be required for Connecticut nursing home workers – HARTFORD COURANT

08/04 – Lamont Close To Mandating Nursing Home Vaccination – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/30 – Fearing staff shortages, nursing homes have resisted vaccine mandates. The Delta variant is changing that. – CT MIRROR

07/27 – COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Position Statement – CAHCF/CCAL

07/22 – Fingerprinting Deadline Looms For Nursing Home Workers – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/22 – Advocates are preparing for another push to require a minimum of 4.1 hours of direct care per resident – CT MIRROR

07/20 – Health care workers who aren’t fingerprinted can keep jobs, but are barred from providing direct care – CT MIRROR

07/13 – Public Health Won’t Extend Finger-printing Deadline for Nursing Home Workers – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/06 – Fingerprint Deadline Raises Nursing Home Staffing Concerns – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/05 – Connecticut hospitals are requiring staff to get vaccinated against COVID.  Will other health providers follow? – CT MIRROR

07/02 –7,000 health workers facing termination if not fingerprinted – AP

05/18 – Budget panel wants more federal $ for businesses and human services – CT MIRROR

05/17 – Massive strike averted: Operators, state, union reach deal to give workers ‘unprecedented wage increases” – MCKNIGHT’S

05/13 – Nursing home union calls off strike hours before deadline in deal brokered by Lamont – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

05/13 – Connecticut nursing home workers postpone planned strikes – AP

05/13 – Lamont reaches deal to avert nursing home strike – CT MIRROR

05/11 – Union rejects Lamont’s nursing home offer; National Guard ready for strike – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

05/11 – Preparing For A Strike – NBC 30

05/11 – Top Lawmakers: CT has enough money to avert a nursing home strike – CT MIRROR

05/11 – Lamont to nursing home union: You have CT’s last and best offer – CT MIRROR

05/11 – Workers at 6 more CT nursing homes say they are prepared to strike  HARTFORD BUSINESS JOURNAL

05/10 – As negotiations sputter, nursing homes workers in Connecticut edge closer to a strike.  A walkout affection 1,000 nursing home residents could come this week.  HARTFORD COURANT

05/10 – Workers at 6 more CT nursing homes say they are prepared to strike  CT MIRROR

05/10 – Lamont offers $ 280M to nursing homes, workers to avert strike – WESTPORT NEWS

05/07 – Group home workers join nursing home employees in massive SEIU strike threat – CT POST

05/05 – Lawmakers Signal Desire To Increase Nursing Home Worker Pay – NBC 30

05/04 – Top lawmakers: CT has enough money to avert a nursing home strike – CT MIRROR

05/04 – State lawmakers trying to avoid nursing home workers strike set for May 14 – WTNH 8

05/02 – Connecticut nursing home workers prepare to go on strike May 14th – FOX 61

05/01 – Union Sends Strike Notices to 33 Connecticut Nursing Homes – NBC 30

04/30 – Union sends strike notices to 33 Connecticut nursing homes – AP

04/30 – Union warns nursing homes that thousands of workers are prepared to strike – CT MIRROR

04/20 – Nursing Home Workers Prepare To Strike – CT NEWS JUNKIE

04/30 – Workers at 33 Connecticut nursing homes prepared to strike beginning May 14 as they fight for better wages, health care – HARTFORD COURANT

04/23 – Nursing home strikes loom large in CT as strike votes are underway – CT MIRROR

04/21 – CT Democrats to propose beefed-up spending plan – Budget panel to propose more dollars for social services, education and local aid – CT MIRROR

04/19 – Masonicare sees opportunity to reposition as pandemic continues to batter nursing home sector – HARTFORD BUSINESS JOURNAL

04/18 – Face The Facts: Staff At Conn. Nursing Homes May Go On Strike Soon – NBC 30  (Matt’s portion of the interview begins at the 2.4 minute mark)

04/14 – Battered by pandemic, low-paid workers and cash-strapped homes ask state for help – CT MIRROR

04/06 – Providers pushing back against effort that would make nursing homes liable for COVID-19 failures – MCKNIGHT’S

03/22 – ‘The clouds are starting to open:’ Residents and staff remember hardship, contemplate future one year after COVID hit Connecticut’s nursing homes – CT MIRROR

03/18 – Rocked by pandemic, long-term care facilities face financial crisis – ABC NEWS

03/17 – Lawmakers review bill that would address pandemic’s toll on Connecticut’s nursing home residents – HARTFORD COURANT

03/13 – Opinion: Connecticut’s nursing homes have emerged stronger after the coronavirus pandemic – HARTFORD COURANT

03/11 – Fully Vaccinated Nursing Home Residents Can Now Get Hugs – NBC 30

02/24 – State Medical Examiner Says His Office Flagged Dozens Of Previously Unreported COVID-19 Deaths – WNPR

02/18 – Amid scandal in New York, leaders say Connecticut’s nursing home death numbers are accurate – FOX 61

02/18 – Nursing homes skew COVID death tolls – JOURNAL INQUIRER

02/09 – ‘Stopgap’ Or Legal threat? Connecticut Governor Limits Nursing Homes’ Civil Immunity – WNPR

02/05 – Vaccination leading to dramatic drop in COVID-19 cases, deaths in Connecticut nursing homes – HARTFORD COURANT

02/02 – Providers remain vigilant despite official’s optimism that herd immunity is at hand – MCKNIGHT’S

01/30 –  Pressure Grows In Connecticut To Allow Court Action Against Care Homes Over COVID Deaths – WNPR

01/29 – Gov Lamont faces calls to end nursing home lawsuit immunity during pandemic – NEWS 12 CONNECTICUT

01/29 – About 60% of nursing home staff have received COVID vaccine – AP

01/28 – Calls To End Civil Immunity For Nursing Homes Grow Louder – NBC CONNECTICUT

01/21 – Vaccinations in nursing homes top 64,000; COVID cases are dropping rapidly among residents – CT MIRROR

01/20 – Experts: Nursing home location most affects number of COVID cases – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

01/14 – COVID deaths and infections in CT nursing homes decline as more residents are vaccinated – CT MIRROR

01/08 – Connecticut finishes 1st round of nursing home vaccinations – AP

01/07 – Cameras in nursing home rooms, additional supplies of protective gear recommended as legislative changes this year – CT MIRROR


12/30 – Lamont directs another $ 31.2 million to CT nursing homes – CT MIRROR

12/30 – Residents in more than 100 Connecticut nursing homes have completed their first round of COVID-19 vaccine; state on course to meet mid-January goal – HARTFORD COURANT

12/20 – Connecticut nursing homes are old and ill-equipped to contain viral spread.  Did that make it easier for COVID-19 to tear through the facilities and kill thousands? – HARTFORD COURANT

12/18 – 1st CT Nursing Home Residents, Staffers Get Coronavirus Vaccines – PATCH

12/18 – Several staffers, one resident get first COVID vaccinations at CT nursing homes – CT POST

12/18 – Coronavirus has devastated Connecticut nursing homes.  It’s time for staff and residents to step up and get vaccinated – HARTFORD COURANT

12/18 – Statement of Matt Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut on The First Nursing Home COVID-19 Vaccines Are a Milestone Achievement and Cause for Optimism – PRESS RELEASE

12/14 – Nursing Home Workers Skeptical of COVID-19 Vaccine as Rollout Begins – CT NEWS JUNKIE

12/11 – Nursing homes could begin COVID-19 vaccine clinics before holidays – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

12/10 – Nursing homes struggle to maintain staffing as COVID cases continue to rise – CT MIRROR

12/03 – Money problems forcing Waterbury, New Britain nursing homes to announce shutdown plans – CHANNEL 8 NEWS

12/02 – Nursing homes in New Britain and Waterbury are closing for financial reason; state seeks to find new homes for residents in midst of pandemic – HARTFORD COURANT

12/02 – CT nursing homes at the front of the line for vaccine distribution – FOX 61

11/23 – Briefing To The Legislature – CAHCF/CCAL and LEADINGAGE CT

11/19 – As nursing home deaths increase again, COVID-19 recovery site is filling up – HARTFORD COURANT

11/16 – ‘I just wish I would die:’ Policymakers ponder the social costs of COVID isolation for residents of long-term care facilities – HARTFORD COURANT

11/12 – COVID-19 Lessons from a nursing home operator: Whate we learned, and must do better – CT MIRROR

10/28 – Panel will propose new legislation for nursing homes as COVID-19 cases, deaths in facilities continue to rise – CT MIRROR

10/28 – Connecticut orders mandatory testing of all nursing home staff in hopes of staving off outbreaks, deaths as COVID-19 cases climb – HARTFORD COURANT

10/26 – Weekly staff testing mandated at nursing homes across Connecticut – FOX61

10/22 – With COVID-19 cases rising in CT, some nursing homes are now requiring visitor testing – CT MIRROR

10/18 – Unprepared: Lapses in planning, communication and safety left Connecticut’s nursing homes exposed when the coronavirus pandemic struck in force – HARTFORD COURANT

10/08 – Birx warns about a ‘very different’ coronavirus spread – AP

10/02 – Coronavirus outbreaks at nursing homes could prompt change – WFSB

10/02 – Independent Report: State Could Have Done More To Help Nursing Homes Stop COVID-19 – CT NEWS JUNKIE

10/01 – Independent investigation releases final report on COVID-19 in CT nursing homes, long term care facility – FOX61

10/01 – Report: In Early Stages of COVID-19, State Overlooked Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities – WNPR

10/01 – Report: Experts from Connecticut nursing homes — Where more than 3,000 died — were “somewhat neglected” as state focused on hospitals in early days of the coronavirus pandemic – HARTFORD COURANT

09/28 – CT relaxes visitation restrictions at nursing homes – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

09/28 – State to Allow Indoor In-Person Visits at Long-Term Care Facilities Again – CT NBC

09/24 – ‘Lonliness is the next crisis:’ CT prepares to loosen restrictions on indoor nursing home visits – CT MIRROR

09/17 – Conn. Orders Removal Of Norwich Nursing Home Residents After Finding Widespread Facility Issues – NPR

09/16 – Pandemic Deals Another Blow To Nursing Homes: Plummeting Occupancy – C-HIT

09/16 – All patients removed after Norwich nursing home COVID outbreak – MIDDLETOWN PRESS

09/08 – Lawmakers want to revisit immunity for nursing homes and hospitals – CT MIRROR

09/03 – Lawmakers ask Lamont to mandate that health care workers report when they are feeling sick – CT MIRROR

09/02 – Nursing home workers ask Connecticut lawmakers for help as they prepare for a potential second wave of coronavirus infections – HARTFORD COURANT

08/31 – ‘We were used’: Hundreds of nursing home workers are laid off as financial crisis hits the facilities – CT MIRROR

08/27 – Public Health Expands Nursing Home Visits, But Not Far Enough For Some – CT NEWS JUNKIE

08/27 – Statement of Matt Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut on Compassionate Care and Visitation Revisions and Nursing Home Testing Mandate – PRESS RELEASE

08/27 – State fines two nursing homes for failing to comply with mandatory staff testing – CT MIRROR

08/27 – After six months of coronavirus restrictions, more Connecticut nursing home residents will be able to have indoor visits, can embrace loved ones – HARTFORD COURANT

08/27 – State fines two nursing homes in Connecticut that have failed to test all employees for COVID-19 – HARTFORD COURANT

08/21 – ‘Still a risk’: COVID outbreak at CT nursing home renews concerns – CT POST

08/21 – With 19 Nursing Homes Across Connecticut, Genesis Healthcare Warns it May Fall Victim to Costs of Pandemic – CT EXAMINER

08/20 – Lamont defends Conn response to COVID-19 crisis in nursing homes – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

08/20 – Report finds CT long-term care facilities were not prepared for COVID-19 – FOX 61

08/18 – Report offers clues to what went wrong in lethal COVID outbreak in nursing homes – CT MIRROR

08/18 – Interim Report Looks At State, Nursing Home Industry Response to COVID – CT NEWS JUNKIE

08/18 – State report: Nursing home staff should not work in multiple facilities – CT POST

08/14 – Statement of Matt Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut on Yale School of Public Health COVID-19 Nursing Home Study Affirms Emerging Consensus That Connecticut’s High Community Spread, Unknown Asymptomatic Transmission, and Unavailability of Testing for Nursing Home Residents and Staff Explain Connecticut’s Early COVID-19 Deaths in Elderly Congregate Settings – PRESS RELEASE

08/14 – Nursing Homes Turn A Corner – CT NEWS JUNKIE

08/13 – Yale researchers out with results of study on what went wrong inside CT nursing homes amid peak of pandemic – NEWS 8

08/13 – State extends funding for nursing home staff testing through October – CT MIRROR

08/12 – COVID-19’s Painful Question At Nursing Homes: When Will A Visit Be Safe? – WNPR

07/25 – How coronavirus spread through CT long-term care homes – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

07/23 – Coronavirus CT: 10 More Nursing Home Deaths – CT PATCH

07/21 – Analyzing Connecticut’s Response To COVID-19 In Nursing Homes In Anticipation Of A Second Wave – WNPR

07/21 – Public Health and Human Services Committees Joint Informational Hearing on the Impact of COVID-19 on Nursing Homes – CT-N

07/21 – Nursing home administrators offer mixed answers for COVID outbreaks, deaths – NEWS 12 CONNECTICUT

07/20 – Providers call on state to double emergency beds, increase funding for COVID-19 response – MCKNIGHT’S LONG TERM CARE NEWS

07/17 – Nursing homes want more emergency beds, state funding, to continue battling COVID-19 – CT MIRROR

07/10 – Testing Nursing Home Staff Is Costly And Uncertain, Here’s Why – CONNECTICUT PUBLIC RADIO

07/08 – CT nursing homes use infection lull to prepare for second wave – FOX 61

07/06 – Crash course designed to ease CT nursing home staffing shortages during COVID – CT POST

07/03 – COVID second wave threatens CT nursing homes – CT POST

07/03 – Nursing home industry urging public to continue safety steps – AP

07/03 – Nursing Home Infections, Deaths Continue To Slow – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/02 – Data offers fullest picture yet of COVID-19 cases among Connecticut’s nursing home workers  CT MIRROR

05/21 – Federal Workplace Safety Officials Investigate Three Connecticut Nursing Homes – WNPR

06/26 – New data show COVID-19 situation improving in nursing homes – AP

06/26 – New report shows 64 nursing home staffers recently had COVID-19 – CT MIRROR

06/26 – State Changes Nursing Home Infection Reports – CT NEWS JUNKIE

06/19 – Nursing Home Immunity – NBC 30

06/19 – Coronavirus spread among nursing home residents is approaching a standstill – CT MIRROR

06/19 – Larson, Tong tackling nursing home attempts to seize resident’s stimulus checks – CT MIRROR

06/19 – Two CT nursing homes fined after staffers fail to wear mask – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

06/16 – State taking stronger approach to protecting nursing homes from potential COVID-19 second wave – WTNH

06/16 – CT nursing home analysis will also examine state’s coronavirus response – CT POST

06/16 – Congress opens its own probe of the nursing home industry – CT MIRROR

06/16 – Female Lawmakers Join Call To Investigate Nursing Homes – CT NEWS JUNKIE

06/15 – Here’s how some nursing homes and assisted-living facilities blocked the spread of the deadly coronavirus – HARTFORD BUSINESS JOURNAL

06/12 – Connecticut nursing homes begin to allow outside visits – AP

06/10 – Conn. Nursing Homes React To Independent Review Of Their COVID Response – NPR

06/09 – Lamont Calls for Independent Review of Nursing Home Response to COVID-19 – CT NEWS JUNKIE

06/08 – Lamont orders review of nursing home response to coronavirus – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

06/08 – Lamont orders independent review of response to COVID-19 in nursing homes, assisted living facilities – CT MIRROR

06/08 – Gov. Lamont orders independent review of high death rate in state’s nursing homes during coronavirus pandemic – HARTFORD COURANT

06/06 – Lawmakers, families look for answers to nursing home deaths – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

06/05 – Pace Of Nursing Home Deaths Trending Downward As Testing Begins In Earnest – CT NEWS JUNKIE

06/04 – As testing intensifies and death rates slow, nursing home leaders say ‘thousands’ have recovered – CT MIRROR

06/04 – Why are some nursing homes hit harder by COVID-19? Data offers clues – CT MIRROR

06/02 – New study will attempt to determine how widespread COVID-19 is in Connecticut – CT MIRROR

06/01 – COVID-19 Fatalities Slowing At Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities – CT NEWS JUNKIE

05/24 – As Connecticut nursing home deaths mounted, months passed without broad testing – CT MIRROR

05/22 – Nearly 2,500 nursing home and assisted living facility residents have died from coronavirus in CT – CT MIRROR

05/21 – Another cornavirus casualty: shows for nursing home residents – CT MIRROR

05/20 – Statement of Matt Barrett, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities / Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL) and Mag Morelli, President of LeadingAge Connecticut on Governor Lamont’s Release of Findings of Deficiency in Infection Control in Nursing Home Homes – PRESS RELEASE

05/20 – State infection-control inspectors: 1-in-8 nursing homes have problems – CT MIRROR

05/17 – ‘We’re essential workers and we’re hurting right now’: Coronavirus is taking a devasting toll on nursing home employees – HARTFORD COURANT

05/15 – Five CT nursing homes, linked to as many as 77 coronavirus deaths, cited for inadequate plans – CT POST

05/14 – Coronavirus claims 276 lives in CT assisted living facilities – CT MIRROR

05/12 – Widespread testing has begun at nursing homes.  So far, staff are excluded – CT MIRROR

05/09 – CT struggling to detail coronavirus’ impact on assisted living centers – CT MIRROR

05/08 – Nursing Home Deaths, Cases Increase – CT NEWS JUNKIE

05/07 – Coronavirus-related deaths among nursing homes rise – at slowest rate in nearly a month – CT MIRROR

05/03 – Nursing home workers have stepped up every day – HARTFORD COURANT

05/03 – ‘It’s heartbreaking.’  Families of nursing home residents, workers struggle with new reality – CT MIRROR

05/02 – In nursing homes, strength of character is on display in the fight against coronavirus – HARTFORD COURANT

05/01 – Vast majority of CT pandemic deaths in past week were in nursing homes – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

05/01 – A visit outside a home where all the patients have COVID-19 – CT MIRROR

04/30 – Nursing home deaths account for 55% of CT coronavirus facilities – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

04/30 – Skilled nursing facility workers are heroes, too – CT MIRROR

04/28 – Connecticut nursing homes are filled with love and dedication, but more is needed to battle this pandemic – CT MIRROR

04/27 – Inside Connecticut’s ‘ground war’ against coronavirus at nursing homes – REUTERS

04/27 – Pandemic hit on nursing homes is a tragedy and a fight, not a scandal – NEW LONDON DAY

04/27 – CT delegation calls for federal intervention on coronavirus-related nursing home crisis – CT POST

04/27 – National Guard members join health officials in nursing home inspection efforts – CT MIRROR

04/24 – COVID-19 deaths among CT nursing home residents double since mid-April – CT MIRROR

04/24 – ‘Would this population of caregivers be treated differently if they were white, and male, and wealthy’ – CT MIRROR

04/23 – CT nursing homes that fail to report coronavirus cases could be fined – CT POST

04/23 – Lamont orders assisted living facilities, nursing homes to report daily on coronavirus – CT MIRROR

04/23 – Connecticut has a big gap in its efforts to track COVID-19 among seniors – assisted living centers – CT MIRROR

04/21 – More than 35 fatalities at one nursing home as state death toll tops 1,400 – CT MIRROR

04/20 – COVID-19 caused more deaths among CT nursing home residents than initially reported – CT MIRROR

04/19 – Daily coronavirus updates: Hospital cases in Connecticut continue to decrease slightly; Governors name seven-state council to re-start economy; Lamont increases funding, oversight for nursing homes – HARTFORD COURANT

04/18 – As Covid-Positive Nursing Homes Launch, Connecticut Workers Say They Need More Support – WNPR

04/18 – Nursing home owner speaks of bravery and sacrifice of his employees in a time of the COVID-19 emergency – CT MIRROR

04/18 – Nursing Home Workers, Owners Describe Heavy Toll of Virus – WASHINGTON TIMES

04/18 – Lamont plans ‘high outreach’ to coronavirus-plagued nursing homes – CT POST

04/17 – Statewide, one out of every 12 nursing home residents has tested positive for the disease, analysis shows – CTI MIRROR

04/17 – State releases data for coronavirus cases, deaths in CT nursing homes – WTNH

04/17 – Nursing homes face financial collapse without state aid, providers say – MCKNIGHT’S LONG-TERM CARE NEWS

04/16 – Joint Statement– In Battle to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic, We Must Support our Courageous Nursing Home Caregivers as State Releases New Nursing Home COVID-19 Data – CAHCF/CCAL and LeadingAge CT

04/16 – Senior care facility workers are frontline heroes too – THE HILL

04/16 – Amid calls for transparency, state releases nursing home data – CT MIRROR

04/16 – 1,713 COVID Cases and 375 Deaths At Nursing Homes – CT NEWS JUNKIE

04/16 – COVID-19-positive nursing home sites begin accepting sick residents – CT MIRROR

04/15 – Nursing homes caring for COVID-19 patients on brink of catastrophe if state doesn’t act, industry leaders warn – CT MIRROR

04/14 – With 16 coronavirus deaths, East Haven’s Whispering Pines nursing home isn’t an anomaly – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

04/10 – Don’t leverage a crisis to push forward complicated proposals – HARTFORD COURANT

04/09 – New state plan for nursing home tests, isolation facilities could have a big impact on COVID-19 spread  CT MIRROR

04/07 – NJ (sic CT) ‘heading for… disaster’ despite COVID-19 funding package  MCKNIGHT”S LTC NEWS

04/02 – Nursing home move hits snag – JOURNAL INQUIRER

04/01 – Lamont names potential sites for nursing home residents with coronavirus – CT MIRROR

03/30 – Connecticut Prepares For COVID-19 Surge – CT NEWS JUNKIE

03/30 – Nursing home leaders outline possible sites dedicated to coronavirus-positive residents – CT MIRROR

03/30 – State to establish COVID-19 only nursing homes to try and stop spread of coronavirus – HARTFORD COURANT

03/26 – Nursing home officials bristle at Lamont suggestion to send hospital patients to nursing facilities – CT MIRROR

03/26 – The state doesn’t track how many nursing home workers have coronavirus.  That has fueled concern about transmission and staffing. – HARTFORD BUSINESS JOURNAL

03/13 – Connectuct Nursing Home Workers On Coronavarius: ‘We Need A Better Plan In Place’ – WNPR

03/12 – Coronavirus Stresses Nursing Home Infection-Control Practices – CONNECTICUT HEALTH INVESTIGATIVE TEAM

03/11 – Connecticut nursing home operators worry about lack of critical supplies to deal with coronavirus outbreak – HARTFORD COURANT

03/10 – CT nursing homes directed to limit visitors amid coronavirus concerns – HARTFORD BUSINESS JOURNAL

03/09 – Connecticut hospitals experiment with ‘drive through’ testing, roll out 24-hour call centers to help patients manage coronavirus at home – HARTFORD COURANT

03/09 – DPH restricts visitation at nursing homes due to coronavirus – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

03/05 – CT nursing homes brace for potential “very severe” effect of coronavirus – CT POST

03/05 – Long-term care facilities urged to take precautions – JOURNAL INQUIRER

03/02 – Nursing Home Outbreak Spotlights Coronavirus Risk In Elder Care Facilities – KAISER HEALTH NEWS

02/19 – Audit finds poor performance by state’s Medicaid transportation broker, including cancer patient who waited 5 hours for pickup – HARTFORD COURANT


09/17 – Nursing home officials still concerned about Medicaid cuts – JOURNAL INQUIRER

09/12 – Lamont gives nursing homes a temporary reprieve – CT MIRROR

09/11 – Questions About Nursing Home Rate Changes Linger – CT NEWS JUNKIE

09/10 – Fight over nursing home funding intensifies – CT MIRROR

09/06 – Lawmakers Asked To Reconsider Medicaid Calculation For Nursing Homes – CT NEWS JUNKIE

09/05 – Senate GOP wants special session on nursing homes – CT MIRROR

09/05 – Senate Republicans call for special session to reverse cuts to nine nursing homes, fearing closures, layoffs, displaced residents – HARTFORD COURANT

08/22 – Concerns increase over fate of nine high-vacancy nursing homes targeted for Medicaid cuts – HARTFORD COURANT

08/22 – As trend shifts to in-home care, Connecticut cuts funding to nine nursing homes with high vacancy rates – HARTFORD COURANT

07/12 – Lawmaker requests audit of Veyo – CT NEWS JUNKIE

07/11 – Veyo adds 28 vehicles to medical transportation fleet – CT MIRROR

06/19 – 48% Of Nursing Homes Rated Above Average For Staffing, Under New CMS Rankings – CONNECTICUT HEALTH INVESTIGATIVE TEAM

06/09 – Connecticut nursing home industry faces double-edged sword – NEW HAVEN REGISTER

05/21 – Lamont Administration Offers Nursing Home Workers Pay Increase – CT NEWS JUNKIE

05/20 – Lamont backs nursing home rate increases – CT MIRROR

05/15 – Senate approves bill requiring nursing homes to disclose staffing levels – CT MIRROR

05/10 – Blair Manor bill unanimously passes Senate – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

05/06 – Minimum wage proposal vexes Connecticut nursing home – CT MIRROR

05/05 – Short-staffed nursing homes see drop in Medicare ratings – CT MIRROR

04/24 – 54% of middle-income seniors could need housing, care help by 2019, NIC-funded study finds – MCKNIGHT’S SENIOR LIVING

04/20 – Nursing home workers have the superior claim – MANCHESTER JOURNAL INQUIRER

04/12 – Veyo boasts improved operations, fewer patient complaints – CT MIRROR

04/12 – No work stoppage yet, but even a strike vote has its costs – CT MIRROR

03/04 – Nursing Homes Are Closing Across Rural America, Scattering Residents – NEW YORK TIMES

02/20 – Lamont’s health budget vs Connecticut hospitals – CT MIRROR

02/07 – Senate Dems offer nursing home staffing bill – CT MIRROR

01/15 – Severely mentally ill residents: A ‘perfect storm’ creates a SNF wave – MCKNIGHT’S LONG-TERM CARE NEWS