Current News and Press Releases


02/15 – State Lawmakers Must Increase Medicaid Fund for Nursing Homes / Op-Ed Bill White  THE NEW LONDON DAY

01/29 – Fiscal guardrails or a straight jacket?  Part 2  Many core services are eroding as money goes to pensions  CT MIRROR

01/24 – Facilities missing staffing requirements threatened with possible state admissions freeze  MCKNIGHTS LONG TERM CARE NEWS


07/31 – Staffing Shortages Cause Survey Backlog for Half of Connecticut SNFs, in Tandem With More Immediate Jeopardy Cases  SKILLED NURSING NEWS

06/01 – Lawmakers pass on increasing nursing home staffing minimums but hike transparency requirements  MCKNIGHTS LONG TERM CARE NEWS

06/01 – Beefed-up elder care reform bill clears CT house  HARTFORD COURANT

05/10 – With legislators unable to stomach cost, proposed staffing rule likely to die  MCKNIGHTS LONG TERM CARE NEWS

05/02 – 5-star facility is closing, blames state’s emphasis on home care  MCKNIGHTS LONG TERM CARE NEWS

05/01 – Closure of five-star nursing home open for 50 years come with a warning  HARTFORD COURANT

04/18 – ‘Fiscal guardrails’ steer legislators to lean budget despite surplus  CT MIRROR

03/31  West Hartford rehabilitation center files with state for closure  HARTFORD COURANT

03/26  CT nursing homes are under pressure from all sides.  For many, the next few years will be about survival.  HARTFORD COURANT

03/19  CT’s aging population is growing. There aren’t enough people and facilities to take care of them  HARTFORD COURANT

03/04 Connecticut proposes financial penalty for nursing homes with empty beds HARTFORD COURANT

03/02 State Threatens Under-Occupied Facilities with Another Rate Cut   MCKNIGHTS

02/17 Nursing Home Staffing Transparency Up For Debate CT NEWS JUNKIE

02/15 LTC wage-hike effort headed for run-in with state minimum staffing proposalMCKNIGHTS

02/13  CT Supreme Court case involving Hartford HealthCare to test limits of hospital immunity HARTFORD COURANT

02/10  CT nursing home bill calls for major transparency, staffing reforms  HARTFORD COURANT

01/30  State noncommittal to nursing homes’ request for more money HARTFORD COURANT