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CAHCF Member Hosted Facility Tours is an Essential Component of the CAHCF 2024 Medicaid Advocacy Campaign!

Facility tours are an essential component in the overall CAHCF 2024 Medicaid advocacy campaign. The facility tours enable state lawmakers to firsthand how important your skilled nursing facility is in the district. Moreover, CAHCF members must begin alerting state legislators that a substantial Medicaid investment in Connecticut nursing homes must be made in the 2024 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly. Facility tours have proven to be one of the long-term care sector’s best grassroots lobbying tools. These CAHCF resources and guides make inviting state legislators to your buildings a simple process.

A Substantial Medicaid Investment in Connecticut Skilled Nursing Facility Issues is Required in the 2024 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly.

  1. Extraordinary Inflation and Cost Increases, Especially Staffing-Related Cost Increases that are NOT being reimbursed by Medicaid;
  2. The Department of Social Services is NOT approving requests for Medicaid Interim Rate Help;
  3. Temporary Nursing Staffing Agency Fees Should be Capped;
  4. Unfunded Department of Public Health State Mandated 3.0 Direct Care Minimum Staffing Proposed Regulations.

To find your officials by your facility,  please click here: Legislative Officials In Membership Guide

To find your officials online by your address, please click on this LINK

Once on our Voter Voice website, on the right-hand side, enter your zip code and address in the box.  A list of all of your officials will appear. Click on the official name that you would like to contact to get their contact information, including address, phone number, and email

11/27 – Legislative Alert – MVB to Members re Legislative Visits

We have created a sample letter or email template for you to use:

AHCA/NCAL’ s “How To” Guide to Facility Tours for Elected Officials – A guide to help you arrange a tour of your facility for any elected official.